360 Content Production

360 Content Production

Tell your story from every possible angle.

360 Production

Film Content for VR, Facebook 360, Youtube 360 and Vimeo VR.

UNTITLED’s Project has a rich history in spherical video content since 2015, working with TV networks and leading brands to create 360 content that engages audiences with strong returns for a brand.  Despite being around fora few years, spherical video content has only recently entered the public’s imagination.

Most studios are yet to master the complexities of 360 content production, we however are total pro's.

Get the best view

Letting the viewer become the auteur.

Untitled Project has worked with brands, agencies and TV networks to deliver 360 animation as both monoscopic content for social media and award-winning stereoscopic content for the likes of Universal Studios and Group M.

Award Winning 360 Content

Proven to drive consumer engagement

We advise on which VR headset will best suit the brief and budget and provide cutting edge tools for 360 animation, CGI integration, live action 360 filming and for live 360 streaming.

Untited Project  deliver award winning stereoscopic content with fast turnarounds, giving clients options for mono-scopic content suitable for Facebook and YouTube campaigns to maximise reach.

The Result

  • In just 2 days, 1,200 people visited the experience.
  • Promo video  watched  350k+ times on Facebook in 24 hours.
  • 300%  Social Post Engagement
  • Over 10,000 shares in  24 hours.
  • Channel subscriptions increased during the activation.
  • Featured on leading media outlets and tech blogs generating.
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