Virtual Reality
CGI Animation / 360 Film

We create immersive worlds to help brands tell their stories and connect with their audiences.


360 Content Production

360 Animation

Photo realistic 360 degree animation and VFX.

360 Content Production
Immersive Storytelling

Full 360 film production, including Aerial 360 and Post Production.

360 Content Production
Interactive Apps

Interactive 360 Players for Oculus, Mobile and WebVR

360 Content Production

Motorized Dollies

Motorized 360 Dolly for seamless 360 experiences.

Award winning 360 Degree content for your brand.

Untitled Project has worked with brands, agencies and TV networks to deliver 360 animation as both monoscopic content for social media and award-winning stereoscopic content for the likes of Universal Studios and Hilton group.

Facebook and YouTube 360 Social Campaigns.

All content can be refactored and re-used across markets in the form of 360 degree social media content.

By leveraging the latest interactive formats we can re-invigorate your online marketing.
360 posts of Facebook have a 300% increase in engagement over traditional forms of media such as photos or videos.

Reach a global audience with experiential marketing.

Through unique on-ground activations, beautiful CGI, intricate storytelling and the latest technologies, we can craft consumer journeys that are truly unique and news worthy. Our work is regularly featured on Forbes and design blogs and we are regarded as one of the top 10 immersive content providers in the world.

Print Collaterals and Key Visuals

All our 3D assets are design to be used across all channels. When we create a 3D world, this does not end in the virtual world. We create assets that can be used for all Omni -channel marketing. This approach drastically improves our clients ROI, as well create consistent branding in all mediums.

Our Virtual Reality Work

Make your next project immersive