3D Animation

Character animation and motion graphics from the real to the surreal.

3D animation

Adding depth and character to your brand story.

How do you film a dragon or a hurricane without getting burned by budget or drowned in logistics? Advances in 3D animation have allowed brands to push the limits of their conceptualising for bigger and better results.

Storytelling tools

Untitled Project have partnered agencies and brand to provide storyboarding, animatics and feature films at competitive budgets and at faster turnarounds. We bring to the table a knowledge of motion capture, digital doubles, 3D scanning and character design.

Our pre-production services allow creative agencies to pitch with ease and empowers directors to explore designs and ideas quickly. We take pride in storytelling, and we provide concept designs and production assets for games, animation and film companies. Untitled Project offer both stylized and photo real 2D and 3D Animation to create impact-full motion graphics for brands.

Every project is a blank canvas

No matter number of screens, we make use of each unique space.

We get from idea to design quickly, have an understand storytelling and have provided concepts for commercials, animated series, games and gala dinners. HP’s recent APJ conference with a 60m cylindrical screen and required resolution over 22,000 pixels, showcased our world class animation capabilities.

Recent Clients

  • Tiger Beer
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Samsung S8
  • Johnnie Walker

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  • Motion Graphics
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