History Channel – ALONE

A VR Experience of the wilds of Canada

United Projects were engaged to promote the television show, Alone; the History Channel’s latest survival reality programme. The idea was to take people into the Canadian wilderness and allow them to experience the roller-coaster of emotions confronting the wilds of Canada.

We were required to engage the audience and allow them to vicariously experience the gauntlet of emotions felt when experiencing heightened feelings of fear, depression, loneliness and utter despair when in a strange and sometimes frightening environment.

  • On-Ground Activation
  • App Development
  • 360
  • Animation

Creating a journey deep into a Canadian Forest

The initial stage f the journey started in a typically stunning Canadian campsite, lulling people into a false sense of security which altered day by day when faced with the reality of living in the wilderness.

In Canada’s case: Black and Grizzly bears, wolves, rattlesnakes and maybe a bad tempered moose, cougars or even West Nile carrying mosquitoes. Daily encounters with danger slowly intensifies until the payoff – the introduction to the show.

Stereo 360 Production

Using VR Technology to bring our vision to life.

To achieve the results we envisaged, we used the Oculus DK2, which was capable of taking viewers visually to another time or place and achieve what was required to show a solitary individual in Alone. Thus began Untitled Project’s first 360 VR journey. We opened with a realistic 3D Canadian forest showing menacing Black bears as well as carcasses lying on the forest floor. Delivered in Stereoscopic 3D, the project ran on a custom 360 VR video player app which Untitled Project had built.


  • 1200 individuals visited the experience in 2 days
  • On Facebook, the promo video was watched 350k+ in 24 hours.
  • During the activation phase, channel subscriptions increased.
  • Tech blogs and major media outlets featured the project.
  • In 24 hours, there were over 10,000 shares.