The Singleton of Glen Ord – 360

The Singleton of Glen Ord

A Virtual Reality experience.

When Singleton of Glen Ord decided to move into South East Asia and tackle the single malt whiskey market, they approached Untitled Project. Their target market was sophisticated younger drinkers, and they were keen to project a vibrant, exciting image. We focused on creating digital content aimed at a youthful, global market, yet maintaining elements of the magic of traditional whisky tasting.

  • Interactive Player
  • Concept & Design
  • 360
  • Animation

The Brief

To create exceptional digital content to showcase The Singleton experience at the Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands; using 360-degree sight and sound at a live whisky tasting to communicate the history of the brand in an immersive and engaging manner.

A two-minute VR showcase introducing younger consumers to the history and production of The Singleton of Glen Ord brand by creating a virtual whisky tasting, a world first.  The goal: using a  traditional whisky ambassador from Scotland to educate younger consumers via product information and whisky terms to instil confidence in them to identify a world-class single malt

An exciting and informative script

We consulted Diageo’s Malts Ambassador Donald Colville who researched tasting notes for The Singleton products Dufftown, Glendullan and Glen Ord.

United Project examined 360 and VR projects previously done for various Scotch whiskey brands in the past. Donald Colville also examined the history behind Scotch whisky and its worldwide appeal.  The result was an exciting and informative script which the narrator, a Scottish voice actor, used to take the viewer on a rich and sometimes incredible journey into the world of Scottish whisky.

Immediate Pleasure

Using CG animation we designed a 360-degree world to take the viewer on a flight over the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, keeping The Singleton’s word and of giving customers “Immediate Pleasure”. The message was all about taste focusing on the sensory experience that whisky delivers.

We launched the project in Singapore over a 3-day event where knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors induced thousands to experience a VR whisky tasting. A bottle of The Singleton was available to each guest to purchase.

A high conversation rate

Our research confirmed that 85% of customers felt that the VR experience had elevated their whisky tasting journey to new heights.

Of those who experienced the VR exhibition, one in five immediately purchased a bottle of The Singleton.
A high conversation rate of 20% was double the conversation rate of usual whisky tastings.
Three variations of the theme for followed the successful roll-out in Singapore:

The Singleton of Dufftown for Europe.
The Singleton of Glendullan for the USA
The Singleton of Glen Ord: translated and voiced over in Mandarin for China.

The Singapore VR was subsequently made available in Europe, the USA, South Africa and Malaysia.


Marketing Magazine’s MARKies Awards 2017:

Best Event – Consumer: The Singleton Virtual Reality Tasting Experience (Gold).

Best Event – Product Launch/Relaunch: The Singleton Virtual Reality Tasting Experience (Gold).

Project: The Singleton Virtual Reality Tasting Experience – Client DIAGEO.

Markies Best Idea – Consumer Events.

Project: The Singleton Virtual Reality Tasting Experience – Client DIAGEO.