Projection Mapped City Model

A Projection Mapped Model City

40,000 3D printed buildings brought to life with animation

A 12 meter wide Island-wide model of Singapore brought to life with a permanent projection mapping installation at the Singapore City Gallery.

  • Video Content & Animation
  • Spatial Design
  • Installation & Mapping
  • Scripting

The Singapore Master Plan

Created in partnership with the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore.

Together we told the story of Singapore, Past, Present, and future, As the Government announced the 2019 master plan, we brought the story to life with 3D projection mapped animation, making what could be a complex set of facts, into something easy to visualize.

Creating the Experience

3 Minute Story of Singapore, Past Present and Future

The content was broken down into a main show-clip which tells the story of Singapore with music and animation. Visuals flow seamlessly from the wall to the map and create an awe-inspiring experience. This show-clip is played automatically every 20 minutes all day, every day.

Augmented Visualization

A unique tool for town planners to show the future of this modern City.

Between show times the map and wall highlight to show the various key locations around Singapore, this helps people visually place themselves on the map, and is a firm favorite for tourists and locals alike.

The second element are the Urban Layers, these refer to the infrastructure details of the proposed master plan. The animation highlights the past present and future plans for Housing, Greenery, transport, the Economy, and Airbases & Airports.

Technical Setup Design

Watchout Media Servers powering 5 Epson projectors, controllable via iPad.

The space was brought to life with a custom truss affixed to the ceiling, this housed the 5 x 12,000 lumen projectors and 5.1 sound system. This gave people freedom to explore the model without hindrance. This also allowed us place sound onto the map with pin point accuracy.