Retail Design

Using art and technology to clinch the sale. Redefining the Shopper Experience with Immersive technology and A.I.


360 Content Production

In-Store Experiences

Creating unique in-store experiences to drive footfall and boost sales.

Retail Design
AR wayfinding

Using Augmented Reality and Magic Mirror displays to create a digital concierge for that personal shopper experience.

Product Customization

In-Store product customization system to allow shoppers to personalize products and create content.


Intelligent Retail Toolkits

Bespoke digital signage and product glorifier displays for in-store.

Spatial Design built around the Consumer Journey.

The retail space is the most crucial and least understood component of the marketing mix. Brands frequently and mistakenly choose clutter over design and multiple messaging over simple clarity.  We design unique spaces with one thing in mind: sales.

Simple, direct and innovative

We take a fresh approach to store design, by using technology creatively in service of the brand. We’re involved in the production and provide design toolkits with technical specs for manufacturers. In Singapore, we’ve partnered with BBH, Ogilvy, Iris and Diageo to provide retail design for the likes of Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Johnnie Walker.

Immersive Retail
Measurable Results.

Whether we are designing the blueprint for 300 stores across APAC, or crafting a virtual experience for a pop-up event for a global brand, one thing we pride ourselves on is we create tools for businesses that increase sales.

With a carefully planned consumer journey and killer piece of content, we have seen sales figures increase 400% year on year.

Consumer Experiences
Worth Sharing

Untitled Project have rolled out global toolkits and activation platforms for some of the worlds largest brands,including Heineken, Scoot, Johnnie walker, Samsung and HP. We can handle everything from concept through to design and activation.

Our Retail Design Work

Make your next project experiential