HP Store Design

HP Retail Space Design: More than Just a Store

Creating Unique In-Store Experiences.

The retail industry has been through a lot of remarkable changes in the last 20 years. Advances in technology allowed businesses to gather more information —- like the preferences and buying habits of its customers.  In this particular project, we developed HP’s retail space design that helped re-invigorate sales of its key product ranges.

With the growing popularity of online shopping and e-commerce, retail spaces need to step up. The retail space of the 21st century should engage the five senses of its visitors by providing a fun and gratifying customer experience.

  • Project Management
  • Retail Toolkit
  • Fabrication

A Retail Space Design Toolkit

The top computer manufacturers, asked us to create a toolkit for its global HP retail space design. It should be modern, homely, and reminiscent of HP’s strong brand identity.

To come up with a modern and slick HP retail space design, our experts worked closely with HP and Ogilvy. We came up with an uncluttered store layout — maximizing the available space by removing the storeroom and making good use of concealed storage.

Our clean and uncluttered design featured multi-level table displays that put the spotlight on the products it carries.

The design drove higher sales on key product ranges. And because of its success, it’s been emulated by many competitors around the globe.

Untitled was involved throughout the entire design process. We provided HP with technical drawings of the space, including the details and purpose of each feature and the materials to use.

Modern retail spaces are all about the experience. While we are convinced that brick and mortar stores are here to stay despite the looming e-commerce takeover, retail space designs should be constantly refreshed to reflect changing trends in consumer demographics and buying behaviors.