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Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising. Branding remains the last bastion for differentiation of products.


Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company.


Many companies are beginning to understand that there is often little to differentiate between products in the 21st century.

Projection Mapping

Immersive Spatial Animation

With 20 years collective content creation and projection mapping experience, Untitled Project is dedicated to taking viewers on exceptional journeys that will take their breath away.

We’ve mapped for brands, music festivals, artists, and more, using large and small spaces to complete projects. Whatever the task, we’re always excited at the prospect of exploring new structures and spaces.

Retail Design

Store Design and Travel Retail tool-kits

We conceptualize, design, and build full-scale store design toolkits, display units, and store activations for global launches. IF you are a brand looking to launch a store and want to leverage the latest consumer trends and tech or you have a chain and are looking for a refresh, we have the skills to help.

Virtual Reality

Award winning 360 Branded Content Production

Since the virtual reality renaissance of 2012, Untitled Project has been actively involved. From testing in-house virtual reality players, to then producing branded content for use in the early development kit versions, this has always been our stomping ground.

The success of our prototypes and content testing led us to become the first company in Asia to deliver 360 activations in the region. Using these methods, we’ve helped numerous brands successfully highlight new products or TV shows to intrigued audiences.

Innovation is a part of our company’s DNA. We’re usually ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology, and Untitled Project makes sure that the brands and agencies we work with aren’t left behind.

We make new creative technology work best for you.


3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Event Projection Visuals

We craft award winning content. From high end TVC 3D animation to projection mapping for festivals and events. Brands, musicians and events companies come to us to create outstanding content to fit their existing stage design.

App Development

iOS and Android App Development

Developing software for brands allows us to work on anything from full-scale business solutions like global brand Diageo’s Johnnie Walker – Label Studio, to more simplistic endeavors like VR players created to make your brand ambassadors implementation processes easier.