Certis EBC Traceability

How to sell the concept and advantages of Certis Secure blockchain technology

An Immersive 360 Degree Briefing Center to educate leaders about the benefits of Blockchain.

Certis is involved in the rapidly moving area of IT and the supply chain and is heavily committed to revolutionizing security in relation to supply chain fraud. Their new security system contains advanced blockchain technology, via a digital fingerprint. The fingerprint is altered when data is changed and visible to those with access to the blockchain. This innovation means that Certis has the means of combating pharmaceutical and food fraud.

The challenge is how to sell the concept and advantages of blockchain to producers, individuals who are in most cases unaware of these technological advances?

  • Event
  • Animation
  • Immersive
  • Projection Mapping

We created an immersive experience that was free of the technical jargon and delivered in easily digestible bits to hold the attention of viewers.

Untitled Project worked closely with Certis to keep an audience of B2B users captivated and intrigued. The not so secret weapon used during the product launch was Virtual Reality (VR). As viewers absorbed the information via storytelling, their perceptions altered. The result was that they were able to grasp the impact that blockchain technology will have on the supply chain and food safety.

Demonstrating an Innovative Attitude towards Security Solutions

Using immersive content was a new approach by Certis, and demonstrated the company’s innovative attitude in dealing with the ever-changing challenge of security solutions.

Untitled Project was able to design and deliver an immersive, projection mapped, interactive space for the Executive Briefing Center.

This space has become a permanent feature at Certis Cisco’s Headquarters as a point of sale for the new services as well as existing services for both potential and existing clients.


Over 452,766 media impressions: including online mentions from The Newspaper, The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao and social media posts across various platforms.

As Singapore’s very first end-to-end digitally secured framework, Certis Secured Digital Records will move the supply chain system to completely new level and place them in a commanding position ahead of their competitors.