Night Festival 2017

Singapore Night Festival 2017

Bringing light to life.

A light installation proposal based on the pivotal idea of 10 Magical Years for Night Festival Singapore 2017.

  • Interactive Installation
  • Fabrication
  • Concept & Design
  • On-Ground Activation

Past, Present and Future

Presenting a gateway through Singapore’s history.

Dream City Window focused on the synergy between art and collaboration; and how the combination highlights the human condition. We showcased Singapore’s vibrant, inspirational culture, in a vivid interactive light installation. To achieve this, we used user-generated interactive images sourced from our ever-changing environment.

The vision was to present a gateway to a futuristic Singapore using abstract images but at the same time honouring the vibrant history of the past and allowing users to interact visually with both past, present and future. The play area presented people with their own outline mapped onto a 3-dimensional string canvas, with images of the past. This interaction allowed them to feel part of the vision of an evolved and flexible world.

How it works

A total body experience.

Dream City Window consists of a specially designed and constructed 4m by 2m steel framework which incorporates a 3D string canvas featuring an interactive, holographic experience which is enabled by a total body motion tracking device.

The Result

Collaborating with local talents.

The phenomenal success of Dream City Window at Night Festival 2017 has opened a window to collaborations with various companies keen to highlight the creative talent and energy of Singapore artists who are skilled with using technology and art to conceptualise and create engaging light installation experiences.