Virtual Reality Animation

Virtual Reality

Animation, 360 Film and Interactive real-time experiences for your brand.

Strap on your headset and cross the dimensions. Virtual Reality has evolved steadily in recent years and while devices like Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, Sony’s VR Headset and the Samsung’s Gear VR have significantly lifted the game, the best is clearly yet to come.

Be transported to impossible places

Don’t tell a story, create a virtual world

Untitled Project have transported its audience into deep dark jungles for the History Channel, into washing machines for P&G and across a sensual flower worlds for Clear.

Mixed Realities

Real-time interactive solutions via Unity3D and Unreal Engine

We use Unreal engine and Unity for real-time interactive production, We have an intimate knowledge of headsets, apps for smartphones, VR animation, 360 live streaming, real-time room-scale VR and  Mixed Reality Capture for social media.


  • The Singleton – VR Mentorship
  • Clear – Sakura Fresh
  • Alone – History Channel
  • Dynamo 360
  • Universal Studios – Halloween horror Nights

  • 360 Animation
  • Stereoscopic
  • Interactive VR
  • 360 / VR

360 Drone Videography and POV capture using the latest robotic Mantis Dolly system.

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