Motion Capture

Making statues move and robots dance

Motion Capture

How Can Motion Capture bring your brand to life?

The magic of motion capture has revolutionized film-making. Now a creative vision isn’t limited to what’s in front of the lens, but will allow the imagination behind the camera to take flight

Breathe life into characters

Motion Capture is our first love and our greatest obsession. Our 24-camera optical capture system allows full body and facial data capture and real-time cinematic camera work. Our single and multiple head-cams bring character quirks and story arcs to life.

Adverts, Film, TV and Games

Mocap Data can be used in every medium we work with.

Our 15-year expertise in the field and our fascinating technology allows us to work with custom skeletal character set-ups in tight spaces and challenging conditions and has been used by Sony games for many AAA PS4 titles like

  • On-Ground Activation
  • Fabrication
  • Branding
  • Concept & Design

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