Interactive Design

Interactive Design

Let your audience be part of the magic.

Interactive Design

Creative technology that captivates.

Audiences these days are apathetic, jaded and constantly distracted. To expect them to interact with your brand is to wish for a lot. That’s where creative technology, captivating visuals and interactive design comes in.

Rewarding and exhilarating

Untitled Project have conceived and executed world-class interactive experiences like the Kinect-inspired Bubble man for Ice Mountain and the Johnnie Walker Label Studio that lets you personalise your bottle of whisky.

Totally Custom Installations

designed to be used, and built to last

We develop technologies that can be assembled easily, replicated seamlessly and are ready for weather and other challenges. From ZoukOut to the Night Festival, we’ve raised the game of interactive design in Singapore. And had a lot of fun.


  • Samsung S8 Launch
  • AirBnb - Welcome Home
  • Heieneken - Party Robots
  • Johnnie Walker - Label Studio
  • Ice Mountain - Sparkle Within
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Night Festival
Ice Mountain Kinect Activation


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