Experiential Design

Experiential Design

Experiences that live, breathe and mesmerize.

Experiential Design

Immersive brand experiences, done right.

Many talk about immersion, but few do it well. Creating a world that represents your brand is the easy part. Getting your audience to want to spend time in it is the real challenge. It is only careful and deliberate design that awakens an audience’s emotions, stirs the soul and evokes a sense of awe.

Immersion and Emotion

Experiences that blur the senses.

For Diageo, we took the Singleton drinker into the heart of a whisky distillery, for Heineken Green Room, we created colossal robots oozing with wit, charm and cool. For Samsung, we developed an immersive office and for ZoukOut, we did event design and projection mapping.

Creative Technology in Storytelling

When art meets science to create unique brand stories.

Each idea is in service of a brand story told compellingly through immersion and emotion, instead of words.
Technology should be secondary to a great idea, whatever solution we deliver, we make sure consumer is left speachless, and in awe of what they just experienced.

Recent Clients

  • AirBnb
  • The Singleton VR Experience
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  • Heienken Party Robots
Dreamliner VR
Certis EBC: Traceability
Night Festival


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