Augmented Reality

From Mobile AR, WebAr, to Hololens, Facebook AR to Apples upcoming AR-KIT

Augmented Reality

Push the boundaries of what’s considered real.

What you see isn’t always what you get. Augmented reality provides a digital canvas for product enhancement or interactive gaming. The best examples of it inspire and delight consumers though insight and innovation.

Every possible reality

Get ready for the holographic revolution.

Untitled Project has worked with mixed AR, early forms of AR like Vuforia SDK and modern apps like Facebook AR and Apple’s ARkit. We have developed AR toolkits, platform agnostic web-based AR and also support Microsoft Hololens and other HMDs with both Unity and Unreal.

Be part of the conversation

AR / MR is becoming woven into the fabric of everyday life

Breaking out of the restriction of an enclosed headset, AR is set to superseed VR in the coming years.
Any brand worth their salt is now looking to establish their presence, and have their brands voice heard early.

We rapidly prototype solutions that work on all mobile platforms, and we can now bring these apps to market via Facebook AR, and iOS AR Kit.

Therefore removing the barriers for entry that were there a year or so ago.
All you need is a Facebook page and your customers wont even need to download a custom app to interact digitally with your physical product.

  • On-Ground Activation
  • Fabrication
  • Branding
  • Concept & Design

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