UBER x Laneway Event Design

  • Event Design
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication
  • On-Ground Activation
UBER x Laneway Event Design

The Brief

Large events around the region provide Uber with an opportunity to engage a critical mass of young people by providing a solution to the pain points around queuing for food and transport that are inherent to mass gatherings. This approach puts the consumer first, whilst seamlessly integrating the product.

We secured an exclusive partnership with the 2018 edition of Laneway music festival. This pilot was an opportunity to bring our brand to life to 10,000 of our target consumers, with the view of rolling out the concept in mass events and festivals across the region.


Uber X Laneway Activation

Concept and design of the Uber Eats Village and Food Delivery system.

Our vision was to create an on-ground experience that would truly add value to the festival experience by not only eliminating food and transport queues, but bringing the convenience of food delivery and a completely cash-less experience to the festival. For the first time at Laneway, festival-goers could order their food on their mobile through Uber Eats and get their order conveniently delivered to pick-up points strategically located throughout the festival.


Uber Eats Village

Design and Fabrication of total food area

We designed and built Uber Eats Food Village, a branded space, featuring a huge range of 14 F&B outlets from tacos and satay to ice cream.

The objective was to create a pain-free, seamless experience for consumers.

UBER x Laneway Event Design

In Festival Food Delivery

80+ Brand Ambassadors working round the clock so you avoid the queues.

Our solution was to hire, train and manage a team of 80 Uber ambassadors who were stationed throughout the F&B outlets to pick up food orders as soon as they were ready and bring them to the pick-up point the consumer had selected. Each branded pick-up point also had ambassadors stationed there.

Uber Rides Activation

For Uber Rides, we needed to create a clear pick-up, and drop-off point for riders. So we designed and built the Uber Lounge – a comfortable and convenient place for festival-goers to wait for their ride right outside the festival grounds entrance / exit. Estimated waiting time was under 3 minutes.


The Result

Uber Eats:

20% of all food sales at Laneway were managed through the Uber app.

Uber Rides

27% of festival-goers used the Uber Lounge to exit the festival.

Consumer testimonials:

Over 100 festival-goers were surveyed and 86% remembered seeing Uber Eats at Laneway Festival, making it the most visible brand on ground.
43% of them purchased food through the app.

PR results:

Over 7.4m impressions through media coverage. Articles in Bandwagon, Time Out, SG Asia City, Juice, Bandwagon, Female Mag, August Man, Luxury Insider, Actually, Coconuts, Her World, Staatosphere.