Dynamo Power Gel

Dynamo Power Gel Launch

A superior cleaning liquid

United Project was approached to assist with the launch of Dynamo Power Gel, a new liquid detergent marketed by P&G.
Our brief was to introduce in-store customers to the powerful cleaning ability of the client

s new liquid detergent product..
The message we had to delivered was that Dynamo Power Gel was such a superior cleaning liquid that customers would be motivated to buy it.

  • App Development
  • 360
  • Animation

Delivering a powerful insight

In Tandem with Saatchi Singapore, we created an animated all CG piece that would deliver to potential customers a powerful insight into cleaning benefits of the liquid detergent. At the same time, we had to echo the content of a TVC designed for the product’s launch.

Creating a 360 micro world

Keeping in mind the need to target less powerful Android handsets and mindful of the cost of the rollout, we used Google Cardboard for the necessary large-scale activation.

We modified  the TVC design to create a 360 micro world of exploding particles, cloth simulations and flowing liquids to achieve a scientifically precise feel to the TVC. Rendering was done in-house on our render farm. Once the content was signed off, we developed an Android VR player which provided a smooth playback and rewind for easy activation by brand ambassadors.

Localizing for APAC Territories

After the successful activation, United Project undertook localised versions for rebranded products in various APAC territories.

This involved modelling the pack shots plus re-rendering the various liquid colours of the Dynamo, Ariel and Tide products.