Make Your Next Social Media Campaign Immersive

The gradual switch from print to digital marketing over the past two decades or so has led to the emergence of different forms of marketing, with one of the most effective nowadays being experiential marketing. Contrary to other forms of marketing, experiential marketing leverages experiences and real-time engagement to boost overall brand awareness. The idea behind this is for consumers to naturally become aware of and to want to connect with the brand, rather than trying to force engagement through purely sales-driven content.

Unfortunately, most businesses nowadays miss the crucial elements of engagement and interactivity when planning out their digital and social media marketing campaigns, opting instead for a spray and pray approach. In an effort to highlight the potential of experiential and immersive marketing, we’ll be taking a closer look at two case studies from brands who harnessed the techniques in their marketing efforts.

Scoot Airlines Case Study

To help Scoot stand out from the competition after their merger with Tigerair in July 2017, creative agency Untitled Project set out to create a mixed reality experience fusing 360 footage, 3D animation, motion capture, and mobile app development to boost Scoot’s upcoming marketing efforts. The end result was an immersive, 360 VR experience that took over 9,000 people on a virtual tour if the airline’s flagship Boeing 787 Dreamliners and gave them a comprehensive, yet fun, idea of what to expect when flying Scoot.

In terms of social media reach, Untitled Project’s custom social media strategy garnered Scoot over 2,000,000 impressions online with over 85,000 completed views of the 360 social media content. In the week following the event, Scoot’s search impressions increased by an average of 619% and reach for paid and organic social media posts increased by 32x and 48x respectively when compared to the past 3 months’ average. The experience and subsequent digital marketing campaign were so successful that they netted Untitled Project over 5 awards, including in categories such as Excellence in Social Media Marketing.

Conrad Hilton Case Study

Based on their stellar reputation, Conrad Maldives engaged Singapore advertising agency Untitled Project to design and create a unique, multi-sensory Virtual Reality experience to generate excitement prior to the launch of their exclusive undersea residence, The Muraka. Untitled Project’s own in-house team then spent weeks designed and creating everything from the 360 content used in the experience and a tailor-made social media content package, to the actual activation itself. 

The activation was targeted at Conrad’s high-end customer base and was rolled out across several exclusive areas throughout the world. Anyone who interacted with the activation was treated to an immersive experience that captured and delivered every aspect of the world’s first undersea residence. The marketing campaign was a smash hit, with Untitled Project’s social media content going viral practically overnight. The custom-designed social media content amassed over 2.8 billion views from viewers all over the world, capturing the attention of several major media outlets and landing them a spot on Virtual Reality Marketing’s list of Top 10 VR Marketing Experiences of 2018. The Singapore social media agency’s work with Conrad also landed them two gold awards at that year’s Markies awards.

Award-Winning Social Media Agency

As we’ve seen above, experiential and immersive marketing can have a massive impact on your social media and overall marketing campaigns. Recently crowned Experiential Marketing Agency of the Year 2019, it’s safe to say that advertising agency Untitled Project is at the forefront of experiential marketing in Singapore. Connect with us today to find out how we can take your social media marketing and advertising efforts to new heights.