Video Mapping in Singapore

Projection Mapping & Video Mapping in Singapore

From bespoke installations to full-scale building mapping, projection mapping has become a staple of Singapore’s art festival and event scenes in recent years. Thousands upon thousands have been introduced to this fascinating and visually spectacular technology, so much so that its inclusion is somewhat expected at large-scale events. Despite its increasing popularity, business insiders believe that the projection mapping and video mapping industry in Singapore is just kicking off. 

Fundamentally, projection mapping involves the projection of visuals onto non-conventional surfaces, which could be anything from buildings to cars and other everyday objects. In the following sections, we’ll be taking a closer look at projection mapping and video mapping, along with what’s involved in each technique.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the overall technology that involves the projection of graphics, light, images, and even video onto the physical world around us. Using a combination of specialised software and high-tech projectors, projection mapping technicians essentially “wrap” projection content around the projection surface, breathing life into once inanimate objects. When properly executed, projection mapping adds a whole new level of depth and character to the projection subject and leads to breathtaking displays that have the power to captivate and immerse audiences.

Contrary to conventional flat-screen projection, the pre-production process plays a crucial role in projection mapping’s success. Since projection content is being wrapped around the projection subjects, it’s vital that the mapping follows the subject’s contours with millimeter precision, and this can only be achieved by skilled mapping technicians using specialized projection mapping software. This ultra-precise mapping results in the realistic and natural effects we’ve come to know and love. Projection mapping software also plays an important role in controlling and synchronizing both projection hardware and content once its time to unveil the display itself.

As a technique, 3D projection mapping continues to grow, driven by technological advancements and the creativity of professional Singapore projection mapping companies like Untitled Project.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a projection mapping technique that has brought the technology to new heights. This technique can be better described as a form of Augmented Reality, transforming everyday objects and surfaces around us into interactive and immersive displays. Just like 3D projection mapping, video mapping has caught the eye of large global brands who, working together with expert video production companies, have introduced their consumers and audiences to incredible new experiences.

While video mapping and 3D projection mapping are inherently similar, the main difference between the two techniques is that the latter is primarily used as background content in events while video mapping is typically the main focus. As far as the production process goes, the main difference between the two techniques is the content being projected. While 3D projection mapping is used to project static images and graphics, video mapping is exclusively focused around the projection of video content. While it’s certainly possible for brands to project existing video content, it’s highly advisable to have new content created or adapted by a professional video production company.

Video mapping is an extremely versatile and powerful tool that helps brands and artists truly convey their message to their audiences. Brands in Singapore looking for new and exciting ways to captivate and engage audiences should definitely be keeping a close eye on this groundbreaking projection technique.

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