Which company is good for Projection Mapping in Singapore?

Have you witnessed a mural dance? Or have you ever watched a nondescript building parlay into a lush garden? Or have you seen history unfolding itself across an ordinary landscape? If you haven’t, then welcome to the world of projection mapping.

Now, what if your brand can unlock the power of light for reshaping and redefining the world around it? What if your brand can unleash the raw power that projection mapping brings to the table.

Of course, the use of projection mapping will make your brand interesting, immersive, and engaging. So, first, let’s understand 3D projection mapping. Then, we can tackle the question about how your business can include projection mapping for making its brand more immersive than before.

Understanding the world of 3D projection mapping

Doubtlessly, projection mapping is transforming sculptures, ordinary objects, and skyscrapers into sheer kinetic art. There’ve been many events and shows that use this revolutionary digital production method for promotional affairs.

When you’re doing regular outdoor projection, you’re just projecting a few images on a flat surface of, say, a building. Projection mapping, however, needs a full-fledged pre-production process during which the images will be first fitted on a proper 3D graphics model of an object. Afterwards, these images will be projected or wrapped on that actual, physical object. That’s when these images appear to be painted on the object’s actual structure.

What else? Projection mapping is even used in a variety of projects belonging to small-scale ad sectors. For instance, brands use this new technique for projecting images of virtual clothing over mannequins or shoes. And that’s just one example—like that, there’ve been many examples that show the pure power of projection mapping.

These images use light and other high-tech processes for transforming the actual textures and colours of these objects.

This innovative way of projecting images first appeared in the 2000s. That’s when this tech usually focused on live-music shows and visual-art events. These days, however, production companies are using 3D projection mapping for creating cinematic narratives.

Now that you’re convinced that production mapping is apt for your brand, let’s get to know which company can really make your brand event livelier with this tech.

3D projection mapping made simpler with Untitled Project

Do you ask this question, now: Which company is good for projection mapping Singapore?

Well, the answer is Untitled Project.

This agency is the real deal when it comes to unlocking the full potential of bleeding-edge technology like 3D projection mapping. This company has made these events more immersive by offering top-class 3D projection mapping services.

What’s more? The company even has an award-winning team of acclaimed programmers, mappers, animators, and designers. So, whether you’ve got upcoming corporate presentations or personal events, Untitled Project has the know-how to make them immersive with projection mapping.