The Story of KoFlow

DJ Koflow: The Story Behind His Music

In search of an identity.

Untitled Project was given the opportunity to create an animated theatrical visual backdrop for the story of a young boy searching for his place on earth. With bold determination, will, and passion, DJ Koflow tells his story through his music. He showed how the very core of human emotions has shaped him into who he is now.

Pain, love, doubt, and his search for an identity pushed DJ Koflow to pursue this path and turn it into something beautiful and new. Through his experiences, he built his career with his life at the very core of his music. Untitled was honoured to provide the theatre visual backdrop for “The Story of KoFlow”.

Flow: The Story of Koflow is a part hip hop and part musical theatre event featuring the inspiring life of one of Singapore’s famous DJs.

  • Live Visuals
  • On-Ground Activation
  • Animation
  • Projection Mapping

What Happened

A moving theatrical animation.

Untitled was determined to create an engaging theatrical visual backdrop. The theatrical Hip Hop experience we produced was able to tell an emotional story — directing the audience’s attention to DJ Koflow’s masterpiece — his life.

Using the powerful video content created by Alice, Untitled was able to create a moving theatrical animation that brought DJ Koflow’s story to life.

The Story of Koflow was performed at The Esplanade in Singapore. The entire show was graced by the participation of other homegrown performers such as RnB singer Vendetta, B-Boy Crew Radical Forze, and rapper Shigga Shay. These artists, like many others, share the same craft and passion with DJ Koflow.

How it Ended

New and never before seen footage.

Untitled was able to create a moving theatrical experience by combining animation, DJ Koflow’s brand new and famous tracks, and never before seen videos provided by Alice. All this to honour the legacy of DJ Koflow who has driven the industry forward for almost 20 years.