Johnnie Walker House

Johnnie Walker House Interactive Video

Producing a high-end interactive training video

Diageo’s Johnnie Walker House in Singapore is an exclusive outlet catering for wealthy clients and private individuals. Access is by invite only and allows customers to fully explore Diageo’s scotch whisky products in a peaceful, relatively private space. Producing a high-end interactive video to be used for international training within the company was our given task. The location would be in Johnnie Walker House, Singapore which enable us to deliver the content in the high-end ambience of the building.

  • Interactive Player
  • Filming
  • Scripting
  • Post Production

A multi-facet project

Untitled Project subsequently began an extensive review of the brand’s products and history.

Included in the planning were lengthy discussions with a Diageo Master Blender located in Scotland. Our ideas soon converged into a multi-facet project which transported the viewer through Johnnie Walker House, Singapore while presenting the viewer with an overview of the scotch whisky portfolio, specific tasting notes plus sales and marketing guidance on how to use the information.

In mid-2017, we shot the project in one day when the Private Client Director, as well as the Master Blender, were videoed presenting their expertise a relaxed, congenial way. The next step was a thorough interactive and post-production phase.

The Execution

The nature of the project dictated the superior level of video production required, and we used specific segments to highlight various elements which led to an all-encompassing grasp of the information presented.

The content was then made available interactively for trainees to explore individually. This interactive video production was subsequently made available as part of Diageo’s international training network.