Why Use Out of Home Advertising?

Whether out working, shopping, or socializing, people are spending more time out and about, and reaching out of them has always proved somewhat of a challenge for brands. Out of home advertising has long been a reliable solution to this common issue and has played a significant part in the consumer purchase journey for decades.

From billboards to bus shelters, we’ve all seen OOH ads at some point. In fact, with all this advertising around, most of us are practically ad-blind and pay little attention to conventional OOH advertising. This begs the question of whether OOH advertising is still effective and still relevant. The short answer is yes, OOH advertising is still very much relevant today, but its effectiveness depends on factors like positioning and the way it’s used. Let’s take a closer look at how businesses are keeping their OOH advertising efforts relevant.

Is OOH Advertising Still Relevant?

With all the advancements in advertising technology and the shift toward digital ads, it’s easy to assume that OOH advertising is on the decline. However, all these technological advancements are actually making OOH more relevant and effective than ever before, and brands continue to increase their investment in OOH with each passing year.

One such advancement is digital signage. From electronic billboards to interactive displays, digital signage is everywhere. Consequently, brands are constantly thinking of more creative and innovative ways to get their message across. Smart devices also contribute to OOH’s effectiveness. Whether it’s making an impulse purchase, getting directions to a store, or looking up info on the fly, brands and advertising agencies keep coming up with new ways to incorporate smart devices into their strategies and make it easier for consumers to act on OOH ads.

The indisputable reason OOH remains effective is its versatility, especially when used as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy. As for relevancy, as long as people keep leaving their homes, OOH advertising will always be relevant as brands and advertising agencies continue to adapt it current trends.

3 Benefits of OOH Advertising for Businesses

Relevancy and effectiveness aside, there are a few key reasons why businesses should adopt OOH advertising, including:

• Engagement When it Matters the Most

OOH advertising reaches people when they’re most active. Whether it’s during their daily commute or as they’re going about their day, people tend to be more alert and better able to absorb information when they’re outside their homes. Coupled with its unrivaled reach, better than any other advertising platform, and it’s no wonder that OOH continues to be a key part of major advertising campaigns.

• Limitless Potential for Innovation

More than just billboards and banners, OOH offers limitless potential for innovation and creativity. It’s transforming the way cities look and allows brands to reach audiences in ways that captivate and engage them — generating brand awareness and driving positive results in the process. One example of creative Out of Home Advertising in Singapore is Untitled Project’s partnership with TSLA and POSB. Blending a real-time feed with short-throw projection mapping, the award-winning creative agency created an experience that both engaged audiences and raised awareness of the bank’s new contactless payment system.

• Creates Lasting Impressions

Last but not least, OOH offers a platform for brands to showcase their offerings 24/7 with minimal intervention. Unlike digital ads, users can’t skim through or block OOH. It’s practically unavoidable. Done well, with the right mix of creativity and innovation, OOH can create impressions that will stick in audiences’ minds for years.

Getting Started with Out of Home Advertising in Singapore

Offering everything you need push your business to the next level, Untitled Project is one of the few companies that offers businesses full, end-to-end solutions for OOH advertising and digital signage in Singapore. We help brands find the right canvas that faces the right audience and craft content that compels them to take action. Offering retail signage across Singapore and the region, Untitled Project are official Epson Projector and Samsung Digital Signage partners. Contact us today to get started.