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Why is 360 Video the Next Big Thing for Brands?

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Engaging content matters the most to hook a consumer’s attention and sustain it.

So, when it comes to creating immersive consumer experiences, it definitely comes down to adding 360-degree content to your video strategy. And most next-gen storytellers exactly know this fact; they know the value 360 Productions of interactive content bring to the table.

But, these days, brand managers struggle to put effort, time, and budget in this area; they’re generally struggling to create value with legacy vid-marketing channels.

Transforming brand engagement with 360 video

360-degree videos have been mainstreamed.

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It might feel a bit clunky to experience 360-degree media on a handheld device, but VR headsets—Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, VIVE Pro, etc.—are becoming the new normal.


Well, because a 360 video is quite powerful as it combines two new routes of engagement and immersion. For example, consider the potential when the first-person exploration of Google Street View meets the emotional storytelling potential that a smartphone-based video has.

Overall, brands can use 360-degree videos to create a whole new level of immersive experiences. In these experiences, the brands will set the content’s point of view while the consumers will be able to control their respective perspectives. That way, through this content format, the consumers feel empowered—and that, in a way, improves the overall experience as well.

But how can brands create immersive experiences through 360-degree video production? Well, they can do that by taking the services of a 360-degree content studio that let its work speaks. One such credible studio is Untitled Project.

Untitled Project’s expertise in 360 video productions

Untitled Project, a 360 Studio Singapore, has the experience of working with a lot of brands.

Since 2015, the company has created a rich history of delivering cutting-edge spherical video content.

It has the expertise to create immersive monoscopic content for a variety of social media channels. Besides, it has the right experts and technologies to develop award-winning stereoscopic content for big-ticket projects belonging to the likes of Group M and Universal Studios.

So, if you’re a brand manager wanting to capitalize on the raw power of 360 Degree Video and open new frontiers of enriching consumer experience, then get in touch with us right away.