Virtual Reality

VR Company Singapore Offering Interactive and Immersive Experiences

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Virtual reality involves the creation of a computer generated three dimensional environment that one can explore and interact with. You literally become a part of the virtual world where you can control your environment to some extent and also perform actions. VR being widely embraced by the companies, especially those in entertainment and education sectors. Meaning the demand for services provided by VR Company Singapore has increased a lot.

Experience anything, anytime, anywhere

Virtual reality makes it possible for you to experience anything, anytime, anywhere. The technology can convince the human brain to assume it to be somewhere it isnt. A realistic three dimensional artificial environment can be created with cost effective hardware and software and presented to the users in a way that any is fast becoming indecipherable from the real world. Head mounted displays and holographic headphones are used to provide truly immersive experiences.

Exceeding the bounds of the physical world

As the leading VR Company Singapore, we aim to provide total immersive experiences to the users through various tactile environment. In a total immersive experience, the sensory experiences feel so real that its possible forget that we are in the virtual world and begin interacting with digital props the way one may do in the real world.

The virtual environment is created not only to look real but also feel real for the human brain to accept it AS real. The virtual world environment may exceed the bound of the physical world where the laws of gravity, time and material properties no longer hold true.

Responding to user actions in a natural way

Virtual reality works best when we match the simulation of as many senses we can to the experience. These senses include that of vision, touch and hearing, smell or even taste.

Proper simulation of these senses requires sensory feedback may be achieved through hardware and software inputs, but also through scents, drinks, or something as simple as a scented candle.

The hardware inputs includes head mounted displays, hand-held controllers. Gloves, and many other accessories.

As the top VR Company in Singapore, we pride ourselves on building hyper-believable 3D environments, suspending disbelief for just long enough to allow brands to connect with their customers in totally new and exciting ways. Mixing the senses and driving sales,  in ways never seen before.