Augmented Reality

This New Tech is Seriously Changing How An Artist of Today Creates

From wayfinding to murals and graffiti, the way designers create and showcase their work is changing.

Yes, street art and even navigational systems are getting transformed. And what’s driving this change?

It’s AR or Augmented Reality.

AR is recreating the future of art and design

AR is introducing an immersive layer in art and design.

In short, this tech is changing the way consumers interact with art and design.

And that’s not all—it’s even changing the way designs get designed and art gets created.

But before AR kicked into action, the idea of creating immersive art and design was unthinkable.

Then AR came. And it conquered the design landscape just like a boss.

So, AR’s role in creating immersive art and designs is quite huge. And that role will only evolve with time.

Up next, we’ll see how AR is reordering the way designers work.

See how AR lets everyone navigate the next

Today’s gen heavily relies on GPS systems so that it can reach anywhere quickly and easily. That’s why the need for developing specific wayfinding software is felt. Through this application, the visitors will be guided in different interior facilities such as airports, malls and hospitals.

And, now, the next level of wayfinding software is arriving. And it’ll definitely add a super-dynamic element because it’ll be based on AR.

Here are a couple of use cases of AR getting applied in wayfinding.

When finding a way becomes immersive

We’ve seen that malls are becoming bigger. And just because they’re big, finding a specific shop can be really tough sometimes.

What’s the solution to this?

Well, it lies in implementing specific AR Wayfinding software. Through this, the users will easily and engagingly find their way to any shop, no matter how big the mall is.

Augmented Reality - Untitled Project

City tours with a blast from the past

The tourism sector is using the synergy between AR tech and wayfinding. There’ve been a number of cities that have developed self-guided tours. Through them, the tourists can see how a city is and how it was in the past.

This is possible with the AR tech. This tech uses the images from the past and overlays them with real-time imagery during the tour. And that’s exactly how a place’s rich history is brought to life through AR.

AR—immersive art, delivered fast

Well, now, you know how AR is letting everyone navigate the future. But the scope of AR goes much beyond wayfinding. These days, AR has entered the art space and is changing the way artists work.

Consider street art. AR can make this form of art immersive and engaging.

Imagine how cool it’d be if a mural becomes animated just when passers-by point their smartphone’s camera toward it.
And all this has been possible with the help of projected augmented reality. This tech allows artists to add a variety of motions to their AR Graffiti or mural. And all this happens without the artists making a permanent mark on the property.

In short, AR is actually blending the virtual reality with the physical one. And that’s how this tech brings dynamism to any traditional graffiti or mural.

So, are you a traditional designer who wants to create an AR Mural in Singapore?

Or are you in charge of a complexly built environment where you want to make wayfinding immersive? If so, implement AR. It’ll definitely let you create the work that’ll immerse the audience.

Long story short, you need a technology partner that’ll put AR in your art.

Untitled Project—putting AR in your art

This Singapore-based agency specialises in creating AR that’ll enhance your art and design. The company has got the right experience and know-how to create a big digital canvas where your art and designs can become immersive to the core.

So if you’re looking for a tech partner that puts AR to work, then let Untitled Project take care of AR. While you can focus on creating better art.