Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Remaking retail with AI

The conventional retail landscape is experiencing a big shift. To be precise, it’s experiencing an intelligent shift.

Today, the competition is tough. The world is moving towards digitised shopping. And the always-evolving sentiments of an informed buyer are shaping a new perspective for retail. In this fresh perspective, the retail world is embracing robotics, deep learning, and analytics. All of which are part of artificial intelligence or AI.

That is why AI in retail is reimagining almost every aspect of this sector.

So, as a retailer, whether your goal is to improve the supply chain, customise the shopping experience, micro-pricing/micro-targeting, or predictive modelling, AI can help big time.

To unleash the power of this new technology, you’ll need to optimise AI. That’s how your business will meet its retail challenges.

The conventional retail landscape is experiencing a big shift. To be precise, it’s experiencing an intelligent shift.

And that is exactly where we, at Untitled Project, kick into action.

How AI is creating the next intelligent breed of retail

In the retail sector, AI has shaped fresh shopping trends. Here are some of the most powerful innovations of AI and machine learning in retail.

Magic mirror with AI concierge

A magic mirror is one of the biggest and most used AI–backed applications found in retail. This mirror is like a big screen with a camera. The camera captures a body’s position and dimensions. Then, the mirror superimposes the selected clothing over a consumer’s on-screen image. And this whole process is controlled by gestures that are easily interpreted via a Kinect device. Likewise, if such a mirror comes with an AI concierge, it’ll give the consumers relevant recommendations and suggestions that simplify shopping.

So, a magic mirror with an AI concierge can take your in-store shopping experience to a whole new level.

  In-store wayfinding

Finding ways in a retail landscape can become challenging if well-planned wayfinding is deprioritised. That’s why more and more retail businesses are using in-store projection-mapped wayfinding practices. These practices are based on a number of sophisticated suggestion tools and self-learning AI algorithms. Once AI–powered wayfinding gets implemented, consumers find their way easily and quickly across the store.

And all of this enriches a consumer’s shopping experience.

Shaping customer experience

AI customer experience is simpler to shape. And many big brands are already using it.

Some of the biggest fashion brands such as H&M and Levi’s have successfully experimented with chatbot tech. AI–enabled chatbots have not just improved customer experience but also let retailers trim down the operational cost. Intelligent chatbots hold a meaningful conversation with customers through audio or text. They may be used for making product recommendations, taking orders, and doing many other things. Best of all, these AI chatbots can be used for personalising a shopper’s experience.

All in all, AI is revolutionising the way customers are served by a retail brand.

  Reactive store displays

This new form of store displays is ushering in the next engagement era. With these hi-tech store displays, interactivity becomes a fully-fledged two-way communication in any retail outlet. With an AI–empowered in-store display, your business can easily answer the plain, expected FAQs of shoppers. And the inputs of the display change depending on the style, sex, and age of the customer who’s using it.

So, reactive store displays are definitely one of the biggest AI shopper trends that retail brands like yours need to take notice of.

Putting AI shopping power into the hands of your consumers

These were some of the most functional and popular use cases of artificial intelligence in retail. And when you incorporate one or all of them in your retail store, you’ll make your brand more engaging.

But when it comes to putting AI in fashion retail or any other retail subsector for that matter, it comes down to a powerful AI company. So, looking for a powerful AI company that can make your retail business intelligent, engaging, and interactive?

At Untitled Project, we’ve got the talent, experience, and passion to let AI make your retail business a smart shopping brand.

Contact one of our sales reps to know how AI will unfold a whole new world of newer, bigger, better opportunities for your retail brand.

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