Projection Mapped Interactive Walls are Taking Over the Retail Industry

As we near the end of 2019, there’s simply no denying the fact that projection mapping has absolutely transformed the retail industry. Whether used to create bespoke in-store displays or in massive facade projection-mapped advertising campaigns, the technology has revolutionized the ways retailers in the know make use of available space and adds a whole new dimension to the retail experience. One particular application of projection mapping that’s becoming increasingly popular is its use in projection-mapped touch walls, and that’s what we’ll be covering today.

What Do Interactive Walls Offer Retailers?

Are you tired of walking into stores only to be met by a barrage of banners and monitors playing the same promotional videos on a loop? What if, instead of the usual promotional banners and videos, your eyes were drawn to a digital wall? Projection-mapped interactive walls are slowly but surely becoming more popular wherever engaging with visitors is necessary and have incredible potential to help your location stand out from the competition. The following are just two of the benefits interactive walls offer retailers:

Entertain and Engage Shoppers

Entertainment is one of the main reasons shoppers want to and will keep interacting with interactive touch walls. Why is this an advantage for retailers? According to a recent report published by RetailEXPO, 68% of shoppers surveyed said that they wanted stores to be somewhere where they could enjoy themselves and not just simply purchase what they’re after, with 63% even saying that they expected stores to be exciting and engaging. After all, if they’re going to make the effort to visit the store, then retailers should be expected to at least make an effort to engage and interact with them, right? In fact, the same report also stated that a whopping 70% of shoppers said that they would shop elsewhere if a retailer didn’t offer an engaging environment. Thus, providing entertainment value will not only encourage new shoppers to choose your location over online stores or other retail locations but will also help retain existing customers and forge deeper bonds between your brand and consumers.

Interactive Experiences

Interactive touch walls are more than just a way for retailers to keep shoppers entertained. They’re a medium through which retailers can deliver fresh and interactive content to consumers – limited only by your imagination. For years, brands have struggled to attract people’s attention, so how great would it be if consumers actively sought out interaction with them? People crave new experiences and will be naturally drawn to interactive wall projections out of sheer curiosity if nothing else. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to display branded content to consumers eager to be engaged – leaving them with long-lasting and positive memories. Moreover, branded interactive experiences can help drive sales and boost revenue. Not convinced? In RetailEXPO’s latest report, 73% of shoppers surveyed claimed that they were willing to spend more time and money in stores that offered interactive experiences versus those that don’t, so make of that what you will.

Furthermore, interactive touch walls aren’t just limited to retail stores either and make an excellent addition to any event or trade show where they can be easily set up and used by brands to help build connections with potential future customers.

Singapore’s Best Retail Projection Mapping Company

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