Samsung S8 Experiential Design

Samsung s8 DeX


To launch the Samsung s8 DeX at Samsung’s flagship store in VivoCity, we were engaged by Cheil Singapore to produce an interactive projection mapping installation that would seamlessly enhance the user experience of the s8 phone.


In addition to the 5k resolution animated content, we created an Android app that would communicate to a projection media server. Along with registering the docking and undocking of the s8 phone we monitored when users launched different applications in the DeX environment, we sent this data to the immersive 270-degree projection setup to transform the space to reflect the application in use.

The project was completed with a 3-week lead time to coincide with the launch of Samsung’s flagship s8 phone and as part of the larger product ecosystem.



Within the Samsung s8 product range the DeX work/play popup zone received one of the highest consumer engagement times.
The result was a memorable and impactful user experience, that introduced the new DeX product and its extended display capabilities to the public.

Final Content Can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1oVn8E7rj4