Night Festival 2017

The Brief

To conceptualize and propose a light installation for Night Festival Singapore 2017, under the theme ’10 Magical Years’.

Our Approach

Dream City Window was conceived based on the belief that art and collaboration illuminate human existence.  In an interactive light installation inspired by the heart and soul of Singapore’s culture, this work employs user-generated interactive visuals derived from abstractions of our constantly evolving environment.

Conceptualized as a portal which displays abstracted visuals of Singapore’s imagined future, bringing the past into play when people interact with it. When people are inside the play area, their own silhouettes are mapped onto a 3-dimensional string canvas, revealing visuals of the past. In this way, they become a portal as well, within the dreamscapes on the structure which we see as a window to an evolved world.


Dream City Window is a custom made 4m by 2m steel structure which houses a 3D canvas made of string, creating a holographic interactive display which is driven by a full-body motion tracking system.

The Result

Dream City Window was a huge success at the festival, and has led to future collaborations with companies who are interested in showcasing Singapore based creatives who marry art and creative technology to create engaging visual experiences.

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