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Nescafe Lenticular Key Visual for Cafe Viet.

To create key visuals for a 3d lenticular campaign around the Nescafe’s coffee variants for Vietnam.

Our Approach
Working with Publicis Vietnam we created imagery that personifies the strength of the coffee conveyed through the use of explosive treasure boxes as people pass by the artwork it would explode to reveal the Nescafe product range and packaging design.

For the project, we modeled a series of handmade treasure chests, and then set about blowing them up.
Using advanced computer simulation techniques’, we destroyed dozens of boxes until we arrived at an impactful artistic direction we set out to achieve. We simulated the characteristics of wooden splinters and shattered stone by accurately fracturing the 3d treasure trove geometry.

By allowing the clients to see the entire explosion, they could choose the exact moment that would convey the coffees strength.