Johnnie Walker Label Studio
Johnnie Walker Label Studio

Bottle Personalization Made Easy

Available for iOS & Android

In 2016 Diageo asked us to design and produce an app for Android and iOS, enabling consumers to personalise their label when buying a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

We planned, designed and executed this brief by taking it beyond the client’s requirements and creating an online render engine. This allowed consumers to create their own TVC-standard, customised videos and share them with their friends.

This pilot project ran in mid-2016 across APAC and Europe, before being scaled up and rolled out globally in Q4 2016.

The Brief

Johnnie Walker has been successfully leveraging the macro trend of ‘Personalisation’ through their Blue Label Bottle Engraving Programme.

The Global Brand Team sought to ‘democratise’ and expand this programme by enabling the personalisation of bottles under the rest of the Johnnie Walker product range (Gold, Black, Green, etc.)

There was one very clear goal in mind; Use label customization to increase Johnnie Walker’s market share of the global ‘gifting’ occasion.

Our Approach

Leverage the ‘Personalisation’ trend by creating a consumer-facing mobile app (on both iOS & Android) that:

  • Allows consumers to engage with the JW brand to create and share premium, user-generated content.
  • Enables trade partners (including retailers, wholesalers and Brand Ambassadors) to use the offer of custom labels as a sales-driving tool.


After thorough research into other apps developed by luxury brands, we created an engaging, intuitive app for both iOS and Android.

We decided to grow the feature-set of the app beyond bottle personalisation and create system that allowed the consumer to see their label super imposed in lavish 3d animated TVC quality videos.

These were rendered online and returned to the device seamlessly and within the 10-12 second time window requested by the client.
Users could also create static social post content to share on their chosen platform.

The Result

After a successful pilot, the Label Studio app and custom label printing system was developed for 6 variants of Johnnie Walker, with an updated look and feel for the Festive 2017 season, plus some extra enhancements:

  • A wide range of occasion-specific stickers now allows users to express themselves for a wide range of reasons.
  • Consumers who wanted to write a custom message on their label, but not use a photograph, could now do so with our Skip Photo feature offering a range of beautiful backgrounds to choose from.
  • Handling of custom content on the mobile device directly, rather than remotely via the internet (to save time and cost).
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Johnnie Walker Label Studio
Johnnie Walker Label Studio
Johnnie Walker Label Studio
Johnnie Walker Label Studio