Blue Label Bottle Glorifier

Project Description

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Animated Bottle Glorifier

The Brief:

In 2016 the Diageo Reserve team, charged with Diageo’s luxury portfolio of brands, sought our help to conceptualize and design a high-end bottle glorifier that could be used to gain visibility for the limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Casks Edition. Intended for global roll-out in the Johnnie Walker House and Travel Retail channels, the brief was to bring to life the artwork on this limited edition bottle and demonstrate extraordinary value to support the product’s hefty price tag.

Our Approach:

Taking our cue from the unique artwork on the bottle, we came up with the unique design and manufacture-ready prototype of an animated bottle glorifier. We leveraged the technology of a transparent LCD display, mounted in front of a physical bottle in a display case engineered to be flexible and user-friendly for retail staff to re-stock and update.


While our animation team focused on creating an elegant piece of work that would communicate the luxury nature of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, our product design team crafted a deceptively simple display case that housed the transparent screen and custom lighting to highlight the bottle’s key features. Put together, the result was a stunning, eye-catching piece of retail design that more than did justice to Diageo’s product and paved the way for the future; a global network of internet connected glorifiers that can have their animated content updated remotely and in unison.

Project Details