Johnnie Walker House – Interactive Video

The Brief

The Johnnie Walker House in Singapore represents the pinnacle of Diageo’s offering to private clients and high net worth individuals. This is an exclusive, invitation-only space whereby discerning customers can experience the full breadth and depth of Diageo’s scotch whisky portfolio.

Diageo sought our help to produce a high-end, interactive video that would be used for internal training purposes. Set in Singapore’s Johnnie Walker House and involving in-depth interviews and tasting sessions with one of Diageo’s longest serving Master Blenders, this was an exciting brief that enabled us to deliver a video production with not only a super luxury visual aesthetic, but also a highly informative array of content for the viewer to absorb.

Our Approach

As with any brief of this nature, there was an extensive planning period up front where our team absorbed the ins and outs of what the client wished to communicate through this interactive training video. After a thorough review of the relevant brand and product materials, plus extensive phone conversations with the Master Blender in Scotland, we planned out a multi-layered content approach that would take the viewer through the core information of the Johnnie Walker House, the detailed tasting notes of a portfolio of scotch whiskies, and then advanced and trade-specific guidance on how the internal viewer could take this info and apply it to their sales & marketing roles.

The planning came together with a full-day shoot in mid-2017 where we captured the Master Blender and the Private Client Director on video in an engaging and personalised manner, followed by an intensive period of post-production and interactive design.


The sophisticated nature of this content required an equally sophisticated approach to the video production. The vast array of information recorded was broken down into targeted, digestible segments that would facilitate a deep understanding by the end user. The content was then packaged into an interactive format that would allow the trainee to navigate the content in their own time, at their own pace. This high-end piece of interactive video production was then rolled out globally within Diageo’s internal training network.

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