HP Store Design
Hewlett Packard Store Design

HP retail space

The Brief
To develop and create a global retail space toolkit for Hewlett Packard.

Our Approach
Working with HP and Ogilvy we conceived a retail space with an uncluttered layout, through the use of concealed storage, we did away with the store room and maximized the retail space. Arriving at a clean and simple design that would amplify the product offerings with functional multi-level table displays, to allow for easy product demonstrations.

The look laid the foundation for Hewlett Packard retail spaces with a strong brand identity and homely feel, the look has been emulated by many competitors with varying degrees of success.
The approach proved to be successful and helped re-invigorate sales sustain-ably for chosen key product ranges.

As part of the toolkit we produce detailed technical drawings specifying every aspect of the space, its design, intended use and materials.