ALONE – 360 Animation

The Brief

To promote History Channel’s newest survival reality TV show, Alone.

How can we take people on a journey to a Canadian wilderness and giving them a taste of what its life to be a star in the new television show Alone?

Our challenge was to excite the audience and bring across the feeling of despair, fear and loneliness beyond the TV set. We also needed to create an intriguing buzz around the launch and impact-fully reach as many potential new viewers as we could.

Our Approach

Working with local Singapore Agency; Govt, we conceived a journey that would take people on a trek through a Canadian forest, starting in an idyllic campsite and slowly increasing the tension by putting people in startling situations packed with creepy crawlies until they reached a climatic payoff, with the introduction of the show at the end for the piece, challenging the people how would they survive Alone….


We decided to leverage the then newly released Oculus DK2 technology, as it could visually take people to other places and also provide the solitary experience found in the show Alone. We embarked on the creation of our first a 360 VR journey. We started with the creation of a detailed 3d Canadian forest environment, with all the finishing’s; spiders, deer carcasses and black bears to name a few.

After blocking the journey, we began to animate all the trees and animals along the path, after creating a pre-visualization of the piece with supporting high resolution stills, the content was signed off by the client.

We then leveraged a cloud rendering service to get the incredibly fast 2-day turnaround that was needed for rendering the project.
The project was delivered in Stereoscopic 3d, running on a custom 360 VR video player app we built.

The Result

  • In just 2 days, 1,200 people visited the experience.
  • Promo video  watched  350k+ times on Facebook in 24 hours.
  • Over 10,000 shares in  24 hours.
  • Channel subscriptions increased during the activation.
  • Featured on leading media outlets and tech blogs generating.
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