Dynamo Power Gel 360

The Brief

To support the launch of P&G’s new liquid detergent: Dynamo Power Gel

How can we demonstrate to in-store shoppers the cleaning power of the new detergent?
Our challenge was to communicate the unrivaled cleaning power of the liquid and ultimately encourage sales.

Our Approach

Working with Saatchi Singapore we conceived animated all CG piece that would take people into the microscopic cleaning world of the liquid detergent. The style and design of the content needed to mirror a TVC created for the detergent launch.


We decided to leverage Google Cardboard, in order to reduce rollout costs, and utilize lower powered Android handsets in order to achieve the large-scale activation required.

After reworking the TVC assets to fill a 360 world we created pouring liquids, particles explosion and cloth simulations to give the piece the scientifically accurate look of the TVC.

The project was rendered in house on our dedicated render farm, after the content was signed off we created an Android VR player suitable for a hassle-free playback and rewind for brand ambassadors during the activation.

The Result

The activation was a success and we were engaged to create localised versions to cover rebranded products for other APAC territories. After modelling the required pack shots along with re-rendering the changing liquid colours for Ariel, Tide and Dynamo product lines.

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