Programmatic Advertising in Singapore

Programmatic Advertising in Singapore

It is estimated that 82% of the total population in Singapore has access to the internet. The country has one of the highest smartphone uses globally, and it is known that most people in Singapore prefer using mobile devices to access the internet. When you look at these facts, it is not hard to see why businesses are willing to spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing services.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the real-time purchasing and selling of digital advertising space. The transaction takes place automatically on a sophisticated AI platform. This is a great way to advertise because an algorithm determines the winning bid and publishes the corresponding adverts within milliseconds.

This is a long way away from conventional advertising that could take days or even weeks to be finalized. Programmatic advertising gets rid of the paperwork, contract negotiations as well as numerous back and forth conversations between advertiser and publisher.

Why is Programmatic Advertising becoming the future of advertising?

Very fast

 With the help of AI, you can achieve better results within a fraction of the time it would take if the company would take the traditional approach and create more time for the day-to-day running of your business.

  1. Channel-neutral

Programmatic Advertising eliminates the need to set up and check on campaigns across multiple ad platforms. It will save you time and ensure that your campaigns are aligned with your overall objectives and budget.

  1. Pinpoint accuracy 

 It is easy to identify your ideal target audience and see better results from your adverts’ placements. You will not only reach the right people at the right place, but you will also target people at the right time by targeting specific points on the sale cycle.

Overview of Singapore Programmatic Advertising 

There is a lot that Singapore Programmatic Advertising entails. It entails advanced tools that purchase advert slots digitally instead of traditional techniques that challenge you to get quotes, human negotiations, proposals, and a tendering process.

This software algorithm is fine-tuned to accurately determine where your budgeted advert money is best spent, thereby eliminating guesswork. All you need to do is provide the necessary information about your marketing campaign, such as key performance indicators. In the end, this will help you save time and make sure that your money has been well spent. When you spend your money well, you will see better results and see a better profit margin. 

 93% of marketers in Singapore and surrounding countries such as New Zealand and Australia have invested heavily in this form of digital advertising. According to the study, 32% of Singapore businesses allocate more than 50% of their annual digital advertising budget to programmatic ads.

Does Programmatic Advertising work?

The long and the short answer is, Yes, Programmatic Advertising does work. It is not only successful in Singapore, but it is also successful in other developed countries. People do like to be in control when it comes to every aspect of their business, and by taking on Programmatic Advertising, you won’t only be in control, but you will also be saving time, resources, and money.

Social media and innovative technology have changed the way companies and customers interact. With the ability to gather consumer data, companies are better prepared to understand the continuous change in consumer behavior. Untitled Project has an affinity for everything AI-based, especially programmatic advertising. Mastering the right content along with the use of algorithms in advertising, and you have the recipe for success.

How to make programmatic visually impactful
It’s not just about targeting keywords, its about making the user feel rewarded and the ads connect emotionally. This is where the Untitled project stands out.
We create programmatic content through the use of high quality CGI.
Our award winning content writers strategize and deploy dynamic content via an array of cutting edge technologies, So no matter what platform you are leveraging, we will provide a flexible campaign, rich assets, and a structure that can cast the net wide and help you brand connect meaningfully with as many new customers as possible.

In order for you to focus on more pressing areas of your business, you can leave programmatic advertising in the talented hands of Untitled Project. Drop us an email to, alternatively contact us below: