Halloween Horror Nights

Are Your ready to Be Immersed by Fear?

Universal Studios’ scariest show is back. This time in full 360°!

This years vision of hell saw Universal Studios transform into its creepiest version yet! Untitled Project were there on-hand to capture the event that unfolded over an incredible 3 days 360 full production film shoot.

  • Spatial Audio
  • Post Production
  • 360
  • Animation

360 Degree Bird's-Eye View

Universal Studios’ number one yearly attraction captured in full 360°!

Untitled Project and Universal studios teamed up to create the wildest 360 experience yet in 2017.
Each year universal studios transforms for 4 weeks turning the various buildings and rides in to something totally new and nightmarish cool. We were tasked with capturing this in all its glory in a 3 day behind the scenes shoot, as well as the opening ceremony.

A True 360 Degree Point Of View

World’s first remote Dolly system and stabilisation Gimbal.

POV in VR is incredibly difficult to achieve. To get away from head mounted cameras we used The Mantis Pro robotic dolly by Motion Impossible.
This state of the art kit allowed us to create shots that would have previously been impossible to capture. Putting the viewer into the driving seat and suspending their disbelief long enough to truly be terrified.