O$P$: Ghost Vision Animation


As a proactive piece, we worked in collaboration with a local electronic music group in Singapore O$P$ (Owe Money Pay Money) to create a larger than life CGI animated music video.

  • Motion Capture
  • 3D Scanning
  • Filming
  • Animation

Bringing Chinese mythology to life with modern technology

3D Scanners and Motion Capture.

With the idea of working with 3D scanners and motion capture system, we set off on this project across Singapore where we located a old theme park called Haw Par Villa filled with various statues and dioramas representing various aspects of Chinese Mythology.

The Results:

15,000 local views on day of launch.

The music video once launched picked up around 15,000 views in the first day with hundreds of shares with zero media spend. The unique nature of the animation and the nostalgic imagery people saw helped it gain various media coverage and also become part of Singapore’s Global Cultural tour.