Heineken Sonic Droids

Heineken Sonic Droids

Pushing The Boundaries

The challenge with Heineken – a brand that has a long history of music events – is to
constantly push the boundaries of branded entertainment. The Heineken Sonic Droids represent an ambitious, boundary-breaking idea that was executed to perfection through complex hardware and software design and rolled out across the APAC region.

  • Machine Learning
  • Fabrication
  • Concept & Design
  • On-Ground Activation

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Bringing The Droids To Life

Untitled Project to handle design, fabrication  and support of the droids, bringing to life an ambitious vision through sophisticated hardware and software design. Each droid had a mounted camera with in-built facial recognition software to capture the number of individual interactions with party-goers.

Images of the crowd were also transmitted wirelessly from each droid to the AV desk, so the VJ was able to weave footage of party-goers into the on-site projections.

Creating Social Media Buzz

Maximising ROI By Creating Tools to Boost Reach

To maximise ROI, there was a large focus on digital amplification. We designed a 360 digital engagement plan and worked to create a comprehensive suite of digital assets including cinemographs, gifs, turntables and interactive invitations, all delivered and packaged in an interactive and easy-to-use toolkit. Working closely with each market to tailor recommendations and helped facilitate special collaborations (e.g. Spotify activation with Heineken Indonesia).