12 Mar 2018
Virtual Reality

VR Company Singapore Offering Interactive and Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality involves the creation of a computer generated three dimensional environment that one can explore and interact with. You literally become a part of the virtual world where you can control your environment to some extent and also perform actions. VR being widely embraced by the companies, especially those in entertainment and education sectors. Meaning the demand for services provided by VR Company Singapore has increased a lot. Experience anything, anytime, anywhere Virtual reality makes it possible for you […]

28 Sep 2017
27 Jul 2017


Just a little test of a head mounted camera, thought we would test the stabilisation software to its limit and see if we can crack the holy grail of VR…. putting you truly into someone elses shoes.

26 May 2017
The Singleton VR Markies Win

Markies Win for Untitled Project VR

We were recently lucky enough to pick one of the coveted Markies awards for our work on Diageos’ The Singleton Whisky Tasting VR Experience. This ¬†fantastic project has transformed from a simple VR on ground activation, into a global platform ¬†and proven sales driver for our client, Diageo. The Singleton VR Experience is now being rolled out globally and we couldn’t be more pleased!

15 Mar 2017

Girl Drawing – Half Sheep

Just working late on a commission, as yet Untitled, no pun intended, will keep you updated.

14 Mar 2017

Awesome new website live

Wow it only took us 3 years but we have a website we are no longer ashamed to show people, and yes… you guessed it… this is it!

13 Mar 2017