12 Dec 2018
3d projection mapping in the uk

3D Projection Mapping in the UK is Getting Transformed with This Agency

“There’s one agency that’s revolutionising the landscape of 3D Projection Mapping in the UK. Here, we’ll give an overview of how 3D projection mapping is the heart and soul of any event. And, here, we’ll even tell you which company is the best in business for creating 3D projection-mapped content in the UK.” Are you organising an event in the UK? If you nod in the affirmative, then you need to breathe a new lease of life in your event. […]

29 Nov 2018
Motion Graphics - Untitled Project

Here’s Why Motion Graphics is So Important for Your Brand

Your brand’s next marketing video needs to be powerful. It needs to draw attention, leads, and money. But before creating a marketing video, you need to zero in on a specific video production style. Choosing a specific video production style is difficult. Why? Because there are so many awesome options out there that it becomes difficult for you to choose any one of them. Then again, you may not know which video will fit your business model really well. Likewise, […]

21 Nov 2018
Shopper Trends, Iot Services

Write Your Retail Store’s Future with Untitled Project’s Tech Expertise

The power of digital is all set to revolutionise the retail world once and for all. The latest and greatest in the world of technology is definitely changing the way retailers sell and buyers buy. Selling is becoming more and more focused on shopper today. Because of that only, a store owner like you should look for newer and more exciting ways to deliver the best shopping experience. Basically, you should know about the latest shopper trends and should find […]

13 Nov 2018
Artificial Intelligence Retail - Untitled Project

Find Out How AI Is All Set To Reimagine the Future of Retail Design

AI or artificial intelligence is big—and it’s definitely reimaging retail for the better. In recent research done by a trusted market research and consulting firm of the world, AI technology’s penetration in retail will be close to USD 8 billion by 2024. What’s more? The AI in the retail landscape is basically driven by increased investments worldwide. The growing interest of putting AI inside retail is because of wide applications of predictive analytics, deep analytics, and machine learning. All in […]

02 Nov 2018
Virtual Reality - Untitled Project

Here’s How Virtual Reality is Changing the World for the Better

Virtual reality, also known as VR, isn’t just meant for gaming. Instead, it’s the technology with the potential to make a real difference in the world’s future. VR is definitely the future. Though, it’s not that future you were shown by all those bleak techno-thrillers of the 1990s. No, VR is actually a piece of technology that you’ll have to pay attention to. Since VR is there for some time now, it has become more mature. That means its technological […]

12 Oct 2018
Projection Mapping - Untitled Project

Find Out Why Projection Mapping Is Right for Your Next Event

The best event goes beyond engaging the audiences. Instead, it makes the subject matter and the whole experience come alive. Such events are made possible by projection mapping. So, projection mapping is sophisticated technology that has successfully upended all the memories of flat-screen projections. Put simply, Projection Mapping is all about creating rich 3D experiences. These are the experiences that stay in the heart of the audiences even after the event has ended. Projection mapping—reinvent the future of your event […]

28 Sep 2018
Virtual Reality Services - Untitled Project

Virtual Reality – Pushing Marketing into the Future

The next generation of user interface won’t sit on your desktop or in your pocket. Instead, it’ll be a whole new world of Virtual Reality. Commonly known as VR, this new technology is already mixing the physical with the digital. And this mix creates the most immersive reality that enriches the lives of the audiences. So, the bottom line is evident. VR reshapes and revaluates a business’s marketing efforts. The only question is this: Will your business unlock the real […]

12 Sep 2018
AR Mapping Technology - Untitled Project

AR Mapping — Remaking Retail to Create an Immersive User Experience

Cool 3D technologies are rebuilding the world of possibilities for many retailers. Augmented Reality, or AR, is one of the most successful 3D techs that retailers are using these days. Every leading brand uses its innovation and insights to deliver experiences that sell. And the best way of putting them to work is through projected AR, which is also known as projection mapping. Through 3d Projection Mapping, many retail brands breathe new life into their products. This AR–backed mapping technology […]

05 Sep 2018

How Projection Mapping Makes Events More Immersive And Memorable

Graphics, videos, and 3D elements make an event spectacular. These elements combine and create a more immersive way to execute an event. That immersive way is called projection mapping. Thanks to its latest techniques, this technology has reimagined the way audiences interact with an event. But before understanding how Projection Mapping creates memorable and dynamic experiences, let’s know what this technology is all about. Demystifying projection mapping here and now Traditional outdoor projection includes projecting images on any flat surface […]

13 Aug 2018
Augmented Reality

This New Tech is Seriously Changing How An Artist of Today Creates

From wayfinding to murals and graffiti, the way designers create and showcase their work is changing. Yes, street art and even navigational systems are getting transformed. And what’s driving this change? It’s AR or Augmented Reality. AR is recreating the future of art and design AR is introducing an immersive layer in art and design. In short, this tech is changing the way consumers interact with art and design. And that’s not all—it’s even changing the way designs get designed and […]