23 Jan 2019
Best Augmented Reality Company - Untitled Project

Which is the number 1 Augmented Reality Company in Asia?

Today is the age of technological growth—it’s an era of advancements. In such competitive times, your brand will have to leverage a new breed of technology for being head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. That’s precisely where AR, or augmented reality, comes into play. Decoding AR for brands AR will enable your users to experience your product, service, or event without having to be physically present over there. This technology will empower your prospects to submerge themselves […]

08 Jan 2019
3D Animation Company - Untitled Project

Here’s How To Find A 3D Animation Company That’s The Best In Business

Your corporate videos reflect your brand. That’s basically why hiring a professional 3D animation company makes sense. When you’ve got a specialized production house in your corner, you’ll make creative storytelling easier and more accurate than ever. However, here’s this million-dollar question that keeps coming in your mind—which is the best 3D animation company in Singapore or anywhere else in the world? That’s why we’ve come up with this post. After reading this, you’ll know what all you’ve got to […]

02 Jan 2019
3D Projection Mapping Asia - Untitled Project

Which company is good for Projection Mapping in Singapore?

Have you witnessed a mural dance? Or have you ever watched a nondescript building parlay into a lush garden? Or have you seen history unfolding itself across an ordinary landscape? If you haven’t, then welcome to the world of projection mapping. Now, what if your brand can unlock the power of light for reshaping and redefining the world around it? What if your brand can unleash the raw power that projection mapping brings to the table. Of course, the use […]

28 Dec 2018
Untitled Project’s AR experts

Which company is the best one for AR in Asia?

Augmented reality, or AR, is one-of-its-kind mobile technology for mixing the physical and virtual worlds in real time. Initially, AR was often dismissed as a sci-fi concept—as a fantasy of sorts. But, now, this new piece of tech has brought a smartphone revolution; it has successfully made its way into the real world. This technology, however, is still new—and many enterprises in Asia are beginning to use it for pushing the boundaries of what’s considered real. Some of the avant-garde […]

18 Dec 2018
Virtual Reality & VR – Untitled Project

Finding the best the VR agency in Singapore? Your search ends here

Singapore’s global business landscape is wide. Most international businesses see Singapore as Asia’s commercial capital. Why? Well, because of the country’s cutting-edge technology and revolutionary entrepreneurial spirit. Coming to the country’s tech scene, we’ve got to admit that virtual reality, or VR, is changing the way businesses market themselves in Singapore. As this new technology is evolving, it’s definitely coming to the mainstream. Most brands want to use this tech for receiving maximum exposure. But for realizing this tech’s full […]

18 Dec 2018
360 Content and VR Production - Untitled Project

Why is 360-degree content important in today’s hypercompetitive era?

Technology is evolving rapidly. All those businesses that want to remain relevant in today’s competitive age need to evolve with this evolution. Of course, not each and every piece of tech thrown your way is important for your brand. But some things are important all right. As of now, there’s a piece of tech that’s used for creating a 360-degree video—and it’s important for brands. As it’s evident from its name, a 360-degree video is the one that includes a […]

12 Dec 2018
3d projection mapping in the uk

3D Projection Mapping in the UK is Getting Transformed with This Agency

“There’s one agency that’s revolutionising the landscape of 3D Projection Mapping in the UK. Here, we’ll give an overview of how 3D projection mapping is the heart and soul of any event. And, here, we’ll even tell you which company is the best in business for creating 3D projection-mapped content in the UK.” Are you organising an event in the UK? If you nod in the affirmative, then you need to breathe a new lease of life in your event. […]

29 Nov 2018
Motion Graphics - Untitled Project

Here’s Why Motion Graphics is So Important for Your Brand

Your brand’s next marketing video needs to be powerful. It needs to draw attention, leads, and money. But before creating a marketing video, you need to zero in on a specific video production style. Choosing a specific video production style is difficult. Why? Because there are so many awesome options out there that it becomes difficult for you to choose any one of them. Then again, you may not know which video will fit your business model really well. Likewise, […]

21 Nov 2018
Shopper Trends, Iot Services

Write Your Retail Store’s Future with Untitled Project’s Tech Expertise

The power of digital is all set to revolutionise the retail world once and for all. The latest and greatest in the world of technology is definitely changing the way retailers sell and buyers buy. Selling is becoming more and more focused on shopper today. Because of that only, a store owner like you should look for newer and more exciting ways to deliver the best shopping experience. Basically, you should know about the latest shopper trends and should find […]

13 Nov 2018
Artificial Intelligence Retail - Untitled Project

Find Out How AI Is All Set To Reimagine the Future of Retail Design

AI or artificial intelligence is big—and it’s definitely reimaging retail for the better. In recent research done by a trusted market research and consulting firm of the world, AI technology’s penetration in retail will be close to USD 8 billion by 2024. What’s more? The AI in the retail landscape is basically driven by increased investments worldwide. The growing interest of putting AI inside retail is because of wide applications of predictive analytics, deep analytics, and machine learning. All in […]