Lightform Light Projection

Lightform Light Projection

The in-store shopping experience is becoming more interactive and immersive.

Brands, today, compete for customer experience. That’s why the value of implementing the most immersive digital retail experiences is on the rise.

So, are you a retailer who wants to step into the engaging world of experiential retail? If so, at Untitled Project, we’ve got your back.

Develop a brand-new level of in-store engagement

We use light projection and other new technological building blocks to get your customers engaged from the moment they step inside your store.

With the right experience and expertise, we make a fully customised immersive retail experience. These tailored experiences will let your customers make the shift from buying the products from your brand to building relationships with it. In short, we design a customer experience that looks and feels awesome in today’s digital age.

Through our experiential retail solutions, we create an in-store experience that’s inspiration, immersive, and interconnected for every store visitor. We’ve got enough experience to use Lightform and other advanced AR and VR technologies. This way, we create simply epic visuals for retail stores. With these visuals, your store will drive engagement levels, boost footfall, and improve the bottom line.

Untitled Project—bringing the immersive retail experience that your store deserves

A lot of forward-thinking retailers have already invested in experiential retail. That’s how they’re trying to get their customers engaged in a playful, fun way. And that’s how they’re letting the visitors know about the product and virtually experience its desired outcomes. And, best of all, consumers want to experience these experiences too.

But since most retailers don’t have the expertise to develop and deliver interactive retail experiences, there’s a big talent gap. So, to plug that gap, you can get our team of digital experts on board. We’ll craft experiences that let your brand establish a rock-solid relationship with the buyers and targeted audiences.

So, what’s the delay? Bring the edge of immersive experiences to your retail space. Just get in touch with our sales team to know how we can together create the best digital retail experiences for your store.

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