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Here’s Why Motion Graphics is So Important for Your Brand

Your brand’s next marketing video needs to be powerful. It needs to draw attention, leads, and money.

But before creating a marketing video, you need to zero in on a specific video production style.

Choosing a specific video production style is difficult.


Because there are so many awesome options out there that it becomes difficult for you to choose any one of them. Then again, you may not know which video will fit your business model really well. Likewise, you may not even know which video style will be enjoyed by your customers the most.

So, let us make things easier for you.

But, first, it’s pop-quiz time. What’s the most fail-proof video production style that brand marketers pick for creating a marketing video? It’s none other than motion graphics.

But why’s that? What’s making motion graphics the most suitable choice for building inspiring marketing videos?

Motion Graphics - Untitled Project

Let’s find out.

Get real-time feedback

Videos receive more comments. And more comments mean more engagement. It’s a given that if your potential customers have to make a choice, they’ll definitely like to watch a video rather than going through a mundane service or product description.

Plus, well-made and professionally edited videos can receive valuable customer opinions about a brand and its offerings. What’s more? The brands that carefully analyse the feedback can create a road map for further improvements. And let’s not forget that videos can be one of the best ways of staying conceded with the audience.

Improve brand recognition

Neat, original, eye-catching videos let brands be remembered more easily. It’s a fact that a well-shot video that’s got amazing content will be liked and shared by a lot of people. Why? Well, that’s because visual memory’s power can’t ever be underestimated. It’s very likely that users will recognise your brand’s name from a corporate video they’ve seen earlier. But, seriously, that’s not the case when your targeted customers read a couple of service or product descriptions.

Any message that’s presented in visually appealing ways will be retained for a longer period in an audience’s memory. Here’s where motion graphics versatility comes into play. This video format lets your brand attract a specific age group or audiences. Anything ranging from a fully fledged movie to a short clip can become a runaway success.

Engage socially

Sometimes you get cool, crazy videos. And you not just watch these vids but even share feedback on them. If the videos are really good, you may even end up sharing them with your friends. Remember, a well-shot video can spread across the entire social media landscape like wildfire.

So just imagine what kind of golden opportunities lies for your brand in the world of social media. It’s been researched that social network influences decision-making by a wide margin. For setting the branding wheel in motion, you need to motivate the customers by sharing quality video content on the reg.

Long story short, if branded videos are well shot, they’ll definitely push the brand’s visibility to the next level of fame.

And when it comes to shooting branded videos using motion graphics, Untitled Project steps in.

Untitled Project

As a reliable motion graphics services provided, Untitled Project creates stunning visual art for brands and even music artists worldwide.

The team of motion graphics specialists at Untitled Project knows exactly how to use different mediums and messages that’ll boost the visibility of your brand campaign. Whether it’s kinetic typography or animated logos, this company uses motion graphics to create videos that are impactful and arresting.

So, what’s the wait for? Get in touch with one of Untitled Project’s sales execs to find out how motion graphics can create the most immersive videos for your brand.