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Finding the best the VR agency in Singapore? Your search ends here

Singapore’s global business landscape is wide. Most international businesses see Singapore as Asia’s commercial capital. Why? Well, because of the country’s cutting-edge technology and revolutionary entrepreneurial spirit.

Coming to the country’s tech scene, we’ve got to admit that virtual reality, or VR, is changing the way businesses market themselves in Singapore. As this new technology is evolving, it’s definitely coming to the mainstream.

Most brands want to use this tech for receiving maximum exposure. But for realizing this tech’s full potential, brands have to associate with the best VR agency. And that’s where things start to get complicated.

Finding the best VR agency is no walk in the park for sure. It needs a lot of research and groundwork. So, here, we’ll give you a list of tips that’ll let you answer this question: Which is the best VR Agency in Singapore?

The expertise that you can count on

What if your brand is able to deliver real-time experiences that are interactive? With such interactive experiences, your brand will find it easier to push the engagement rate to the next level. So, basically, you need to associate with a VR agency that’s having this level of expertise. To be precise, you’ll need a VR partner that creates a brilliant illusion—which is way better than having a stark, dull reality. Always remember that an expert in VR solutions will not only tell a story; instead, it’ll create a whole new virtual world for your brand.

Virtual Reality & VR – Untitled Project

Developing new realities with newer technologies

Every leading VR company will know how to work with newer and cooler technologies; because that’s how it’ll be able to develop a more exciting reality. A credible VR agency will have the know-how in designing immersive content that’s compatible with devices such as HTC’s Vive, Samsung’s Gear VR, Sony’s VR Headset, and Oculus Rift. What’s more? Make sure that the VR company you’re about to hire should be adept at creating mixed realities, too. Now, if a VR agency knows how to create interactive solutions and mixed realities, it’ll know the working of Unreal Engine and Unity3D.

Now that you know the highlights that every reliable VR company should have, which company in Singapore has that sort of skill set.

Here’s where Untitled Project comes into play.

Untitled Project—creating immersive realities

Untitled Project specializes in designing and delivering truly incredible VR content. The company has already delivered best-in-class VR content to leading names in a variety of verticals. Some of the top brands for which Untitled Project has designed content are The Singleton, Clear Sakura Fresh, Dynamo 360, History Channel, to name just a few.

So, what’s the wait for? If you want to design the most inspiring VR content for your brand, you know Untitled Project is your best bet. It’s got all that expertise and experience you’ll want your VR partner to have. Schedule a call with one of the company’s VR experts and see what all possibilities this tech can unlock for your business.