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Find Out Why Projection Mapping Is Right for Your Next Event

The best event goes beyond engaging the audiences. Instead, it makes the subject matter and the whole experience come alive. Such events are made possible by projection mapping. So, projection mapping is sophisticated technology that has successfully upended all the memories of flat-screen projections.

Put simply, Projection Mapping is all about creating rich 3D experiences. These are the experiences that stay in the heart of the audiences even after the event has ended.

Projection mapping—reinvent the future of your event

From Super Bowls to theme parks to brand activations, more and more event organisers are using this tech to give a new lease of life to an event. Also referred to as video mapping or spatial augmented reality, this technique is ideal for mapping projected images on almost any surface.

Most commonly projection mapping includes a surface such as interior walls, exteriors of a building, landscapes or objects.

Basically, this form of mapping completely transforms an object into a screen.

So, definitely, projection mapping will make your event memorable in every sense of the word. If done right, 3D Projection Mapping can create never-seen-before audience engagement. Plus, all thanks to social media, projections can thrive even after their initial showings.

Projection Mapping - Untitled Project

And if the projection mapping in Singapore or the rest of the world is really good, it’ll compel its audiences to spread their impressions about an event. So, long story short, projection mapping is definitely a big deal if an event needs to be remembered for all good things.

But which Projection Mapping Company would do justice to a corporate event’s lofty vision? Considering the fact that there are a lot of companies offering 3D projection mapping services, separating the best from the rest is easier said than done.

Only that company should be brought on board that’s got a track record of delivering dynamic projections—something that immerses the audiences in one go. The bottom line is that projection mapping should create an interactive, engaging ecosystem that’s never delivered by any traditional creative before.

And when it’s about creating and delivering the most immersive 3D projections, it’s about Untitled Project.

Untitled Project—creating immersive spaces for brands

Want a breathtaking spectacle for your event? Well, then, you need 3D projection mapping solutions created by Untitled Project. Through these interactive solutions, you’ll find it simpler to turn any boring skyscraper into a dinosaur or any conventional wall into a time-travelling portal.

Untitled Project has the right techies and artists who turn any plain space into something engaging, sharable and immersive for your brand. The company has got a team that knows how to alter spaces through visuals, lights and animations.

What’s more? This company can even sequence any event in Resolume, Watchout or other well-known media servers. This way, a brand gets the immersive spaces it deserves. And if that wasn’t enough, Untitled Project even knows how to create super-interactive installations using Unity, Unreal and TouchDesigner.

That means when a corporate event has Untitled Project in its corner, then the sky’s the limit.