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Find Out How AI Is All Set To Reimagine the Future of Retail Design

AI or artificial intelligence is big—and it’s definitely reimaging retail for the better.

In recent research done by a trusted market research and consulting firm of the world, AI technology’s penetration in retail will be close to USD 8 billion by 2024. What’s more? The AI in the retail landscape is basically driven by increased investments worldwide.

The growing interest of putting AI inside retail is because of wide applications of predictive analytics, deep analytics, and machine learning.

All in all, AI is well prepared to digitally disrupt the whole world of retail.

And, right now, we’ll be focusing on how AI is transforming retail design once and for all.

AI in retail design

In the retail ecosystem, artificial intelligence has gone well beyond creating e-commerce algorithms and managing warehouses. Today, retailers are coming up with newer ways to use AI in designing their shop’s space.


Well, because a shop’s space is one of the most important elements of a retail business’s marketing mix.

The brands of today regularly and frequently pick clutter over design and choose complex messaging over clarity. But when artificial intelligence in retail is used, there’ll be more clarity and simplicity. This way, brands can easily establish stronger connections with their audiences.

AI designs the best and most improved in-store experience. How? The answer lies in this technology quick adaptability. This revolutionary tech can be used by retailers for delivering personalised recommendations, custom product support, and tailored offers. What else? These recommendations can even be delivered as per the gender, location, age, and behaviour of the customers.

But when it comes to putting AI to work in the real world, many brands trust only the leaders in the domain. Designing AI–enabled solutions is one thing, but delivering them successfully in the retail space is a different ball game. That’s why retailers need to trust only industry leaders who’ve got the skill set and experience to put AI to work inside a retail space.

That’s exactly where a trusted AI Company like Untitled Project kicks in.

Untitled Project—putting smart to work

Untitled Project takes an innovative approach to store design. The company has a team of AI specialists and content designers who creatively use this technology for building an improved retail space. Speaking of credentials, we’re happy to list some of Untitled Project’s accounts. This list includes big names such as Diageo, BBH, Ogilvy, Johnnie Walker, Nike, Iris, and Hewlett-Packard.

So, what’s the wait? If you’re a store designer who’s looking forward to putting AI into your retail space, then tie up with Untitled Project.