Experience Centers Are Transforming B2B Marketing

The days of boring business meetings and bland sales pitches are numbered. Today’s business customers are more in line with tech than ever and can easily find anything they want at the best prices. So, it’s going to take a little bit more than a generic presentation to wow them.

With novel technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality playing more crucial roles in consumer engagement and education, B2B clients have come to expect the same experiences as their B2C counterparts. In other words, businesses reliant on B2B sales need to get with the times and think of more creative ways to communicate their core strengths and values.

Businesses that have realized the importance of connecting with prospective B2B clients on a more personal level. Thus, the idea of the B2B experience center was born, serving as an opportunity for businesses to attract prospects to their headquarters or facilities for a deeper, more immersive look at their key offerings.

 B2B Experience Centers in Singapore

Over the years, Untitled Project was lucky enough to work with and design experience centers for several forward-thinking brands in Singapore including Certis, Google, and SP Group. Here’s how these brands are leveraging experience centers to boost their marketing efforts.

Certis Executive Briefing Center

Working closely with Certis for the launch of Certis Secured Digital Records, our mission was to help Certis explain the impact blockchain technology can have on supply chain and food safety. This meant creating an immersive experience that was free of technical jargon and delivered in easily digestible bits to hold viewers’ attention. Moreover, for Certis, using immersive content was a new approach and the perfect opportunity to demonstrate its innovative attitude in the ever-changing world of security.

Our solution was to design an experience center that took an experiential learning approach, combining Virtual Reality and projection mapping with storytelling to make it easier for viewers to absorb information. Handling everything from experience center design and setup to hardware selection and the creation of the immersive digital content itself, we delivered an experience center that overcame the challenge of keeping an audience of B2B prospects captivated and intrigued.

The Certis Executive Briefing Center is now a permanent feature at Certis Cisco’s Singapore headquarters and a key part of the company’s B2B marketing strategy, serving as a point of sale for both new and existing services to potential and current clients.

Google APAC HQ Experience Center

Engaging none other than Singapore’s award-winning experience center design agency, Untitled Project, Google’s plan was to show how helpful their smart home products are to the average family.

Working closely with Google, we crafted a voice-activated, interactive story where guests used Google assistant to help a family navigate their daily lives, moving between Nest and Pixel devices in and out of their homes. This was achieved through a projection-mapped, 3D animated story that moved seamlessly along with the guests’ voice commands.

The end result was an experience room that helps spark conversations with users, partners, and local stakeholders, increasing usage intent while turning guests into active advocates for the Google experience.

Tengah Experience Center

Set to be Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town, SP Group was tasked with creating a smart, energy-efficient Centralised Cooling System for Tengah residences.

To help spread the word about the new residential cooling system, SP group partnered with Untitled Project to design the “Tengah Experience Center.” Through a range of immersive technologies, including augmented reality, interactive tables, and immersive media, visitors to the experience center will be able to learn more about advanced cooling technologies.

Set to launch within the next few months, future and prospective Tengah residents will be able to participate in personalized face-to-face sessions and mini-groups and gain a deeper insight into the benefits of solar-powered air conditioning, Centralised Cooling, and other exciting Tengah programs.

Driving the Future of B2B Marketing Strategies

As B2B marketing continues to shift from passive presentations to more engaging experiences, Untitled Project is at the forefront of experiential design in Singapore. With a focus on creating experience centers that foster key relationships while maximizing sales opportunities, we’re helping local and international businesses gain an edge on their competition and stand out as industry leaders. Connect with us today to find out more.